Google Search Console Errors and How to Find and Fix

Google Search Console Errors and How to Find and Fix

Google Search Console allows you to monitor your website’s performance to identify issues. Today, I am discussing the most common Google Search Console errors, and explaining exactly what causes the errors, and how to resolve them.

Submitted URL Errors:

The pages with errors have not been indexed

It is possible to have three reasons why Google does not index certain pages of your website. Why should this matter? If a page is not indexed, it will not show up in organic search results,

So from an SEO perspective meaning, it gets no SEO benefit.

Pages Are Blocked by robots.txt


This page has been submitted for indexing, but it has been blocked due to a robots.txt file. Robots.txt files define a set of rules for Google’s “bot” to follow. If one of these rules tells search engines not to index a particular page, the page will not be indexed. But no matter you’ve submitted the page, it is in conflict.

Fixing this error: Run the page with the robots.txt tester to confirm. There may be a broad rule that prevents more pages from being indexed. In order for a page to be indexed on Google, edit the robots.txt file.

2. Page Is Marked “No Index”

Cause: You have submitted the webpage for indexing, but there is a “no-index” directive in the metadata or HTTP header. It’s the same as the previous error. Here you are sending Google two different signals about how to treat the page.

Solution: For this page to be indexed, you can remove the ” No index” meta robots tag.

3. Page Has a Crawling Issue

Cause: There are a few different issues that may cause this, but Google doesn’t explain why.

Fixing this error: You need to use the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console to analyze your page. You can discuss the error with any experienced developers to determine its root cause.

404 Errors

An error 404 means Googlebot is unable to locate the page. Normally, the web page does not exist in a place where the search engine is searching or the page is blank. Many websites experience 404 errors since these websites are growing and 404 errors are not always an issue.